We increase the efficiency of monitoring the work of LV and MV substations
thanks to proven solutions.

4SELF solutions based on PLC controllers enable continuous monitoring and archiving of the operating parameters of the entire switchgear and individual devices.

Advantages of 4SELF solutions for Power:

  • Each solution proposed by 4SELF is “tailored to customer needs”;
  • High modifiability of solutions thanks to used PLC controllers;
  • The ability to reproduce communication with the DCS system without making any changes in
    the master system;
  • Significant reduction of current operating costs.

We also have experience in the implementation of safety systems based on machine standards PNEN 62061, PN-EN 13849 in relation to safety at work on machines or test stations supplied with MV. The MV blocking systems installed by us provide certainty to operators during mechanical inspection
or during manual operations at the MV device ensuring that the system has been well protected. In the automation tasks we cooperate with industry leaders such as ABB, for which we have appropriate references. The solutions we applied have reduced the downtime of the installation and made it easier for the operational services to detect the causes of the failure.